...more than just riding...

This program continues to evolve and gain momentum!  We now have our first group of CIT campers who have completed 80 hours of training hours to be added to our roster of volunteer Jr. counselor options! Have YOU ever wondered how great it would be to be a camp counselor at His Barn?!  Camp is a pretty big deal to us around here at the barn and we strive to provide the very best experience we can for our campers and their families.  A lot of work goes into that and just like our brochure says - His Barn is more than just riding.  Our young leadership program here in the lesson barn helps mold well rounded horse kids who can participate in every aspect of life here during camp season.  This C.I.T. camp will help open doors for young people who have a heart to serve and be part of the program here as well even if they aren't in our regular lesson program.  Each summer we will take a very limited number of C.I.T. campers during a regular week of camp.  Register early enough and that could be you!  You will learn the ins and the outs of being a camp counselor here.  You will shadow Jr. staff kids as well as the program owner/operator, Ms. Jillian.  You will work in the barn with the horses as well as in the house with the campers.  A camp counselor at His Barn learns to do a little bit of everything so as a C.I.T. you will experience a little bit of everything.  You'll play games, eat great lunches and snacks, and learn how to lead bible studies and crafts!  You will not ride every day but you will get to ride the horses 2- 3 times during your week of camp as well as working in the barn doing chores and animal care.  This is a serious step towards a rewarding goal of being a camp counselor so please consider it carefully.  Parents please call with any questions!  Upon completion of TWO FULL WEEKS OF CIT camp, the C.I.T. will then be eligible to be selected for volunteer Jr. Counselor positions!

June 10-14   MORNING from 9:00-12:30-ages 6-8


​August 5-9   MORNING from 9:00-12:30-ages 9-11

August 5-9   AFTERNOON from 1:30-​5:00 -ages 6-8 

Why are His Barn's camps different....
Day camps at His Barn run a full day - 9:00 - 5:00.  You are definitely getting your money's worth in hours alone!  Our day consists of two hour riding lessons, both in the ring and on trail,  to learn and build our horsemanship skills.  We also have an additional horse class each day to further our understanding of the horse and his world while not in the saddle.  This could pertain to anything from cleaning tack and cleaning horses to nutrition and first aid (varies from camp to camp).  We provide healthy morning and late afternoon snacks as well as balanced catered in lunches from local restaurants.   We also try to accommodate food restrictions and allergies.

FULL DAY CAMPS $340. 9:00-5:00

We provide fully balanced healthy lunches as

well as a morning and afternoon snack.


The schedule is also further down the page :)

*Advanced Camp - $365

There is no question - Advanced Camp is a blast!  This camp is for rising 8th graders through graduated seniors and requires the camper to already be able to saddle and bridle western tack on their own.  They must also already be safe and balanced at the walk and trot, and be working on their canter.  This is for safety purposes as there is not much review and instruction for a rider not quite balanced yet.  Our other camp for 12-17 year olds would be a better choice for that rider.  Ground work is a foundation of horse training as well as a valuable tool for maintaining the trained horse, so groundwork remains a staple in our advanced camp program.  The overview of advanced camp is not yet completed but will be posted soon!  a few things you can count on is a deeper look into horse care and horse training.  This camp is not for the light of heart!  It is very intense and very active - rain or shine  we are out there working the horses and our selves to learn that we have what it takes to grow into a confident leader for our equine partner.  Availability is more limited than the other camps so register today! 

Here we go summer camp!  A few notes to log away - Our Extended Stay on Wednesdays was a huge success last year so look for the extra form in your welcome packet again!

Also, our half day camps will be an extra 30 minutes longer this year with no extra cost to you!

C.I.T. camps have become quite popular so sign up A.S.A.P. if you're interested; remember - two weeks of C.I.T.  (Counselor In Training) camp must be completed before becoming eligible for a volunteer counselor position.

HALF DAY CAMPS   $140You bag a small meal.  We provide snacks.

​​This summer God is crying out to BE YOU.  This world is full of judgement and standards that so many have shaped who they are by.  This isn't what God created us for!  He created us unique;  we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image - meaning every facet of who God is, is reflected in us in varying ways.  Different.  Eccentric.  Weird.  Quiet.  Passionate.  The list goes on.  We are nothing without HIM who saved us from the lies of the enemy, and we are EVERYTHING He created us to be when we see and believe that His Love for us is better and stronger than any movie or book or job or idea we've escaped into!  His opinion of us is unshakeable and we become unshakeable when we put our faith in Him and believe that the world needs us as we truly are, not as who we think we need to become.  Come play and learn and grow with us this summer - the world needs YOU to be YOU!  We will play silly games as well as team building ones.  We'll sing, we'll laugh, we'll show off our artistic talent during crafts and we'll show off our new found horse skills during our Friday horse show. 

*Mail in your registration and deposit today and see what all the fun is about! 

$35 deposit for half days and $75 for full days.  Deposit is non refundable and goes toward total cost of camp.*

Once we process your registration form we will mail you a welcome packet full of all the information you need for your week of camp as well as forms you need to bring with you ON THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP.  PLEASE DO NOT MAIL BACK OR DROP OFF.  Also please open when you receive this packet as it also contains your invoice with due date from remaining balance.

His Barn inc.

 C.I.T. Camp (Counselors In Training)- $185 - ages 13 and up


​​​​​​​​June 17-21   ages 8-12          All SpotsFULL

June 24-28   ages 12 -17       

July 1-5       barn closed       n/a

July 8-12     ages 8-17          All Spots FULL

*July 15-19  Adv. Camp*       

July 22-26   ages 8-12          Counselors in training spots only are full

​July 29-August 2  ages 8-17  We can take one more Counselor in training