Kit is a big horse in a little body!  13.2 hands, about 850 pounds and born sometime in 2002, this half Missouri Fox trotter is sensitive, intuitive, safe and fun.  She loves to curl her neck around and do a little leap into her trot that makes her students giggle.  She's been with us since 2010 and is well on her way to being a pony legend!

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Tigger is our other Shetland pony and is Rugby's partner in crime.  He's the brain of the outfit though and is waaay too smart for his own good!  Climbing stairs, taking a bow and escaping are three of his best tricks. Born about 1992, he found us in 2004 when a different horse on his farm was being considered for purchase.  Tigger came to his new home here instead!   He's smart, mischievous, takes great care of his little kids and loves to play with the giant soccer ball.

Rugby is a Shetland pony who has been with us since 2004. He's about 11 hands, just over 500 pounds and we estimate he was born in 1997.  He's like the energizer bunny whose least favorite thing to do is stand still and wait!  He is gentle enough for beginners but is one of the top picks for gaming because he loves to run!  


Gideon is our perfect gentleman.  Standing around 14 hands and 850 pounds, he's always putting his best foot forward.  He gives his students lots of confidence with his gentle heart and his willingness to always try.  This Halflinger/Quarter Horse cross may not be fast without being pushed (then he can REALLY go!) but he almost always tries to do things right for you.  He's been with us since 2008 when he was about 8 years old and he has nearly every student across his back at some point in their life here.






Duchess is our little princess for sure.  She's a bit dramatic as most Welshes are!  However, her level head and quiet disposition create a safe environment for even our 7 & 8 year olds to learn on this 13 hand pony.  She will take her kids safely through the woods and perform walk, trot, canter in the ring with ease.  She was a great addition to the herd in 2014 at 15 years old!

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